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This blog is about Orono (and its surrounding communities), its people and events. These stories were originally written between February 2008 and February 2012 for Orono’s local, independent newspaper, The Orono Weekly Times. Since the newspaper is not online, this blog helps make the stories more accessible to readers.

The home page lists the most recent stories. There is a Search function, in the sidebar, to help you find a particular person or subject. Below that, there is a drop-down Stories By Category menu that lists older articles. And there’s also an Archives, listing stories by date of publication, further below.

Comments are always welcome.  Please feel free to share your thoughts below.


2 thoughts on “This blog

  1. Hi Sue. Seeing as how I’m a native Orono-ite (if that is what we now or ever referred to ourselves as), I simply wanted to say that I think this is a brilliant idea. I now live in Belleville, ON, and while that’s not exactly a day’s drive away from where I grew up, it is just far enough that I don’t get “home” often, nor do I hear any news from there (except through my wonderful parents Gordon and Elizabeth Currie, who still live on Taunton Rd.). I grew up in that town. I rode my bike in that town. I took my first swimming lessons in that town. I learned to skate (poorly) in that town and I rode my first Merry-Go-Round in that town (at the Fair). There is almost no part of Orono that doesn’t provide me with fond memories and good feelings. So I am thrilled that I can keep up with whatever be occurring online in some format.

    I guess the words are Thank You. It is a good service you are providing, as we Orono-ites are out there.

    Darren Currie


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